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  • Jaguar XK8 & XKR Performance Air Intake Tube Pkg
  • Jaguar XK8 & XKR Performance Air Intake Tube Pkg
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Jaguar XK8 & XKR Performance Air Intake Tube Pkg

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Product Description

Mina Gallery is proud to feature its new performance air intake tube replacement for the XK8 and XKR model range. This kit is developed from fully mandrel bent 3" polished aluminum and will come with everything needed for a direct bolt on application. Aesthetics aside, this intake has been thoroughly road tested and developed to produce the highest hp gains** and improvement in throttle response.

* Kit will work with the factory air filter box or Mina Gallery performance intake. 
** 7-11 hp on v8 models and 8-15 on supercharged models. 
*** Simple direct 30 minute bolt on upgrade. 
**** Will come supplied with the required clamps, breather tube connection & "R Performance" emblem. The emblem will come prepared with adhesive, but not placed on the tube (some customers prefer the clean look). 


Q. Why does this part perform better than the factory intake tube?
A. The factory air intake tube is poorly designed. Not only does it fluctuate in diameter (ranging from 3.32"at its inlet to 2.72" at its 90 degree bend), but its accordion flex section and noise suppressors all result in restrictions/disturbances in air flow.  Conversely, the Mina intake is a consistent 3" tube. This is considerably larger than the most restrictive section of the factory intake 2.72" tube and therefore increases inlet air volume. Furthermore,  the consistent tube size helps to structure/stabilize air flow and increase throttle response.

Q. Have you considered making a larger diameter intake tube?
A. Yes, during the course of our development several sizes were considered and some tested. Our main goal was to create a high performing part that would result in the highest HP and throttle response gains.

Q. Why did you decide on a 3" intake as opposed to a 3.25" or a 3.5"?
A. A 3.5" intake was never a consideration. Given the factory throttle body has a 3" ID inlet, and that the maf sensor has a 2.75" inlet (when accounting for the restriction created by its internal metering unit), a 3.5" intake tube  would result in a notable net loss in throttle response and off the line performance. We did however test a 3.25" intake tube and this also resulted in a net loss in throttle response on the V8 models ( no discernible difference when compared to the 3" tube on the supercharged models).

Q. I have made several upgrades to my vehicle (e.g., supercharger pulley, ecu tube, high flow cats ...), wouldn't an intake tube larger than 3" be worthwhile?
A.  It is entirely plausible that a modified vehicle could perform better with a larger intake setup. However, in order for this to happen, your throttle body and maf sensor's inlet diameters would have to be increased as well. Increasing tube size while keeping the maf and throttle body static would be pointless and again result in a loss of throttle response and off the line performance.

Q. Do I need to get the Mina Gallery Direct air intake kit along with this item? 
A. The air filter box and the air intake tube are two separate parts, and while they are both part of the vehicle's intake, they function independently on one another.  The stated HP gains are only for the air intake tube (with factory box).