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  • Range Rover Sport Performance Supercharger Pulley (50L) 2010-2013

Range Rover Velar 340 Performance Supercharger Pulley

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Product Description

Range Rover Velar Supercharged Performance Pulley Upgrade

We are proud to introduce an affordable supercharger pulley upgrade Get the most out of your supercharger This kit is designed to deliver an extra 22 HP (at the wheels) by getting your Range Rover's supercharger to produce 2 Lbs of additional boost

Supercharger pulley upgrades are unlike other mods because they provide HP gains throughout the RPM range Intake and exhaust systems are good for low and top end performance, but only this upgrade can help improve your mid range performance For that reason this pulley will deliver performance in a way you have never felt before

Installation is very straight forward Our specific instructions will take away all the guess work Any reactively well equipped mechanic will be able to install this part without a problem You don't even need to change your existing belt!

If you have any questions about this part please feel free to call or send us an e-mail We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have

*** Only applicable for 340hp models.